The fourth most populous city in the United States, Houston is the cosmopolitan destination that is a blend of world-class arts, hotels, shopping, and nightlife. You can take a bite of the luscious cuisine in the restaurants, or take a stroll of this beautiful place which is known for its charm. You can always find something in this urban chic city.

Preferred time to visit the place

Houston experience warm weather and inexpensive room rates for most of the year as it is situated close to the Gulf of Mexico. So, the most preferable time to visit Houston is between February and April and during the fall months of September to November. You will find pleasant weather during this time and visitors can enjoy many festivals here. Summers is the time when you can find a good deal in the hotel rooms but you have to deal with the heat.

Magnificent places in Houston

Downtown Aquarium : This dining and entertainment complex has 5,00,000 gallons of aquatic wonderland with 200 species of exotic global residents. This aquarium is a great source of attraction for the family and kids. Not only this, but this place also has plenty of treats like shopping, full-service restaurants, equipped ballroom.

Fast track amusement : This place is for the persons who want to show off their skills as well as want to have some fun. This venue is made up of arcade games and has indoor and outdoor entertainment suiting everyone. This is a place for a family where they can head to.

Cockrell Butterfly Center : This place consists of a huge variety of species and serves as a teachable moment for the kiddies. It is home to a butterfly habitat where you can also have some interactive quizzes and games. You are recommended to wear bright colors as butterflies are more likely to land on you.

Great packages waiting for you!!!

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