Can I travel with my dog with Vueling?

Vueling provides elite services to its passengers at a reasonable price. They have their headquarters in Spain. They are offering their flights to various locations domestically and internationally. Suppose you have booked a flight for your travel and must take your pet with you. You might think about how to add a pet to a Vueling Airlines reservation to get it on the airline. The Airline allows you to take your pet with some terms and conditions. You can view this article to learn all about the pet's guidelines at Vueling.

What is the policy for adding a pet at Vueling?

The passengers who are bringing a pet will have to follow the airlines' guidelines. Travelers are bound by the airline's rules for bringing the pet. Read the points below and inform yourself about Vueling Airlines Pet Policy on the airline.

  • All the animals are not allowed to travel with the airline. The passengers can bring only a dog, cat, bird, or tortoise. Any animals other than these are not allowed to board the flight with the passengers.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring a violent pet on the airline. It is to ensure the safety of other passengers sitting on the airline.
  • The pet must be of at least three months old when traveling with the airline. Otherwise, the airline will stop them from boarding the flight.
  • The passengers are required to carry a pet immunization while boarding the flight. It is to ensure that the pet is vaccinated if you do not have one get it from the local veterinary doctors. The dog must be vaccinated at least 21 days before the flight's departure.
  • Passengers can carry a maximum of one pet only on the flight. 
  • Travelers must keep their pets in the pet carrier throughout the travel. The pet cannot cross the weight of 10 kg and should fit in the carrier dimension 45 x 39 x 21 cm. 
  • Animals with some special characteristics like violent behavior, poor health, and bad smell will not be allowed to get on the airline as it can cause disturbance to other passengers on the flight.

How do I add a pet with a Vueling reservation?

Travelers who are traveling with an animal have to inform Vueling Airlines earlier. They are supposed to book a spot for their pet on the flight. The passengers can follow the process below to add a dog to their journey with the airlines:

  • Visit the official site of Vueling Airlines.
  • Go to Manage My Booking on the page.
  • Fill the booking summary with the passenger's family name and PNR number and click on retrieve booking.
  • Get the details of your ticket, and in the menu, select Add Pet.
  • You will now get a form to share the details of your pet, and then you will have to attach the documents stating the health and vaccination status of the pet.
  • After this, pay to add the pet and get the details on your registered email id.

How much does it cost to take a pet (dog or cat) on a Vueling Airlines?

The passengers who are bringing the pets with them. They will have to book the spot for their dogs in advance. A flight of Vueling allows a maximum of three pets in total, so it is advised to you to add the animals as early as possible from Customize your Flight section. You must pay €40 to add a pet to the domestic flight. To add an animal to an international flight, you must pay around €50. 

Bottom Line.  

The passengers will receive complete information about the policies and process to add a pet to Vueling Airlines. However, if passengers still have doubts about what to do, they can visit the official site for more information.

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