How do I upgrade my seat on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines, a German flag carrier, works to provide service to passengers at affordable cost keeping in mind the comfort criteria. For the same, the airline has an easily understandable and applicable policy and process. Suppose the passengers are traveling with the airline for an official trip and would like to have their seats upgraded with the airline. In that case, they can go through the Lufthansa Seat upgrade policy and process provided in detail for your understanding.

Lufthansa Seat Upgrade Policy

The passengers traveling with the airline need to understand the policy of upgrading with the airlines to plan their trip accordingly. The policies with the airlines are as follows:

  • The passenger can only upgrade the seat allotted to them depending on the seat availability with the airline at the time of requesting the change. If the seat chosen by the passenger for the upgrade is unavailable, the airline will provide them with other choices to select from.
  • The seat upgradation can be done up to 24 hours after booking the flight with no additional cost or fee charged.
  • The airline makes a rebooking to the original travel class selected by the passengers in case of any issue or disruptions in the flight schedule two days before departure. In such cases, the passenger is entitled to a full refund of the price paid for the upgrade.
  • The passengers can reboot with the same travel class if flight delays or issues arise a day before or on the day of the flight departure.

Lufthansa Seat Upgrade Process

The airline allows the passengers to choose various methods for the Lufthansa upgrade process, which are:

Through online method:

The airline offers the passengers the option of making an upgrade online which is quite easy:

  • Please browse through the airline's official website and tap on My Bookings.
  • Enter your booking code and last name to log in to your account.
  • Tap on the upgrade seats option to be directed toward seat selection offered by the airline.
  • Select the seat that you want to book, check all the details, and submit by paying the cost difference in the seat selected.
  • The airline will send you a confirmation mail on the upgrade with all the details.

Apart from the direct booking and payment option, the airline also allows the passenger to submit an offer for upgrading their booking. The process is the same as logging in to your account and then following these processes:

  • On logging in to your account, the airline will notify you whether the upgrade is available for the passengers based on their flight type and fare. 
  • Select the choice of your seat for upgrade and enter the payment you would like to pay at your convenience.
  • Enter your credit card details, check the offer, and make the final submission.
  • The airlines will get back to you through email.

The passenger can change or cancel their upgrade until 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure. You can log in to your account through My Bookings and then change the offer.

By visiting the airport:

The passengers who find the online process quite cumbersome can directly reach the airport well before time as per the scheduled flight departure time and then upgrade. The upgrade usually depends on the location, and the passenger can get the upgrade at the gate, ticket counter, or check-in or drop-off counter. The Lufthansa upgrade cost is fixed and will depend on the flight route in which the passenger is traveling.

By placing a call:

The passengers can directly connect with the airline customer support team by calling +1 800 - 645 38 80/ 1-802-500-7022 and requesting the necessary changes. The agents will be available for help and assistance 24*7. 

Through chat option:

Lufthansa airline allows the passenger to connect to them through the live chat option available on the contact page. The chat assistants are available throughout the day and will help successfully upgrade a seat.

Lufthansa Airlines upgrade cost 

The cost of upgrading a seat with Lufthansa Airline majorly depends and varies according to the flight chosen, the type of booking made, and the destination city to which the passenger is traveling.

Based on the above-provided information, the passenger can easily go through the seat upgradation. Please do contact the airline for any further support required.

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