What is the cheapest day to book a flight on Southwest?

Southwest Airlines is among the world's largest low-cost airlines that provide passengers with a fleet size of more than 700 and serves over a hundred destinations around the globe. It was the first airline to offer cheap flight tickets to passengers. So. let's find out the cheapest day to book a flight on Southwest and ensure you get the best deals on your flight with Southwest. Along with that, you'll also get the details about the worse time to fly with Southwest.

How Airlines work for each Destination

People know that airlines often fluctuate their prices, and Southwest is one such airline. Hence, it becomes necessary for you to know the factors that affect the price and what fare qualifies as a good fare to a specific destination. Finding the best fare for your destination with the airline is like getting the perfect dress at affordable prices and saving money in your shopping. And to save as much money as possible, you must do complete research and find the lowest prices for your flight ticket. The next step is for you to keep an eye on the price and make the purchase when the flight ticket price drops.

So, to keep a tab, always check the prices weekly for the destinations you wish to travel to so that you will have an idea about what is the good and bad time to make the reservation of your flight ticket.

The best and worse time to make a Southwest reservation for your flight ticket

People often have to know the best day in the week to make the reservation at affordable prices. To know the fare prices of Southwest Airlines for a day or week, the passengers have to visit their official website as it is the only flag-carrier airline that doesn't' displays its prices on any other website. However, the best day of the week to book a flight on Southwest is Tuesday, and the day on which the passengers are advised not to book their flight ticket is Friday, as many people make the reservation for their flight ticket for their last-minute plans. 

And if the passengers go with the historical records of Southwest, it has been noticed that November is the cheapest month to make the reservation of their flight ticket with Southwest Airlines. However, the best month to make the reservation with Southwest or any other airline depends on the destination you wish to travel to the festival time and weather conditions. 

Cities to fly from via Southwest Airlines

There are a couple of cities where the fare prices are way better when booking a reservation with Southwest Airlines. So, if you are in those cities that continuously have low fares on their flight ticket with Southwest for many destinations, it means you have a golden ticket to get to any destination by paying the price you wish to pay for the flight ticket. These cities' names are Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Even between these cities, Denver is considered to be the far best.

When Not to Buy Southwest Tickets

There is only a single month that is considered the off-month as the airlines don't offer good deals on this particular month, and the passengers also don't prefer to leave their place t go anywhere. The month where the airlines have the lowest booking is July, except this is every other month with Southwest Airlines has a fair amount of good deals. 


Find out what is the cheapest day to book a flight on Southwest and grab the best deals. All you require to do is keep a few things in mind. Try to avoid July, for making the reservation of your flight ticket, keep an eye on the fare chart of the airlines to know when the fare price drops, and always book the flight ticket at least 30 days before the scheduled departure.

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