Delta Airlines Pet Policy

Delta Airlines is one of the foremost airlines that schedule flights to several regions. They have allowed passengers to fly with their pets in comfort. So if you have a reservation with Delta and you want to add your pet to the reservation, too, there are a few policies that you need to consider. You will receive here all the necessary information that will help you add a pet to your Delta Airlines reservation, like pet policy, procedure, and the cost of flying with a pet on the flight. 

Pet Policy of Delta Airlines 

Before adding a pet to your reservation, you must once go through the Delta Airlines Pet Policy. Read the below points thoroughly so that you do not face any travel at the airport for flying with your pet.

Carry-On Pet Policy 

Small dogs and cats are considered in the carry-on pets category. The pet must be of a limited size to be kept under the seat comfortably. You must carry the pet in a kennel at the airport and during the flight. The required policies for carry-on pets are:

  • The pet should be at least ten weeks old for the domestic flight journey. 
  • For international travel, the pet is required to be at least 15 to 16 weeks old.
  • The maximum dimension of the carry-on kennel is 18*11*11.
  • The pet should be under the Kennel during the whole journey. 

Shipping Pet Policy

If the pet does not fit into the carry-on category, then you are allowed to ship your pet to your destination. You can ship your pet comfortably with Delta Cargo. Here are the policies for shipping your pet:

  • You can book your pet for shipping with Delta Airlines 14 days before the flight’s departure date.
  • It is not necessary that the pet will be shipped on the same flight. 
  • The pet should be dropped at the location for shipping 3 hours before the flight’s scheduled time. 
  • You have to submit the health certificates for the shipment of the pet.
  • The health certificate is not issued more than ten days before the boarding date. 
  • You must arrive at the drop-off location to carry your shipped pet to the airport. 

Cost of Flying with a Pet on Delta Airlines

To travel with a pet, you should know how much it costs to take a dog or cat on a plane Delta Airlines. For international travel, they charge $75 USD to $125 USD for each pet; for international travel, the pet charges are up to $200 USD. The fare type and destination determine the charges. 

How to add a pet to a Delta flight?

Travelers can add a pet to their reservation at Delta with two mediums. The first is via the website, and the second is by contacting a person at customer service. The procedure of both mediums has been mentioned here.

Procedure to add a pet to Delta Airlines reservation

Through Website

You can use the Delta website to add your pet to your reservation. For your help, the required process is given below:

  • Hop to the Delta site on your device,
  • Go to the My Trips window and find your itinerary,
  • Look for the manage option on the page,
  • Then choose the “Add a Pet” option,
  • Then fill in all the requirements and attach a file to the page,
  • Pay the charges with an online payment mode,
  • Your pet will be added to your Delta reservation.

Through Customer Service

You can also talk with an official person at Delta customer service to add the pet to your reservation. Call their customer service and request to add the pet to the reservation. The official will take your flight ticket details and share the required info about your pet. You may have to share some documents with the official. With this, your pet will be added to your reservation at Delta Airlines.

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