How can I change my name on Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways provide all possible options to make changes in your reservation if you book the flight directly from You can make all the changes to your reservation by visiting the official website online and speaking at the Etihad representative.

However, there are restrictions in the case of name change and correction. If you doubt, how can I change my name on Etihad Airways? You can't make it online, you need to contact the Etihad service center, or you can talk to the Etihad agent at the Etihad office near your location. Here you find detailed instructions to stay updated in this regard.

Steps involved to change the name in Etihad Airways

  • Dial Etihad Airways customer care number 1-802-500-7022 or +971 600 555 666 in UAE; for other countries, visit the global contact center link
  • Press 1 to choose English and then follow the IVR phone menus
  • Follow the instruction on call and select the most appropriate options
  • You can then choose the live agent option and stay online.'
  • After the live agent is available, you can ask the Etihad representative for name correction.
  • Provide the details required by Etihad executives
  • The support team will modify the name and pay for additional charges if any.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation email for your new ticket with revised details.

You can modify your name by following the princess above anytime. But before that, you must check out the highlights of Etihad Airways name change or correction policy to avoid any last-minute hassle and penalty.

Etihad Airways name change or correction policy

  • As per the name change policy, your name on the ticket should match your passport or government ID; otherwise, you cannot board the flight.
  • The name correction is allowed only on refundable tickets and non-restricted fares.
  • You can also apply a name change to the unused part of your fare.
  • Your ticket should have been reserved five days ago using a single credit and debit card to be eligible for the name change.
  • You can not reverse the name change request once it is approved
  • Most restricted fare terms and conditions apply if you book multiple fares
  • If you need to correct the name, you must request the change within 96 hours of departure, and it might incur an additional 10 percent fee.
  • The name change fee is applied based on per person per ticket
  • As per the name change policy of the airline, you are allowed to correct up to three characters, including first, middle, and last name.
  • The name change request should be for the person listed on the ticket
  • You can apply name change only on Etihad operated flight
  • You cannot correct your name within 24 hours of booking. In that case, you must cancel the flight first and then book a new ticket with the correct name.

Reading the Etihad Airways name change or correction policy, you must be clear about all the important terms and conditions associated with the name change in Etihad. Now let's proceed further and check the details about the name change fee.

How Much Does Etihad Cost for Name Change or correction?

The name change cost entirely depends on the type of name change and time. For instance, if you modify the only title of your name because of a genuine typing error or up to three characters, you don't need to pay any change fee.

However, if you change the middle name, surname, or any major change, Etihad might charge a change fee of around $ 100 to $ 200. Check out some examples here to understand it better.

Free Name changes

  • Tom to Tom ( Typing error)
  • Tom / John Mr to Tom / John Mrs ( Title error)
  • Tom / John Mrs to John / Tom Mrs( Juxtaposing )

Chargeable Name changes

  • Tom / Ellen Ms to John/ Ellen Mrs (maiden name to married name)
  • Salim / Mohd Mr to Also Mohammad Mr ( shortened/nickname to full name)
  • Tom / Peter Mr to Tom/Peter Paul Mr( Surname addition)
  • Tom / Peter to John / Ellen (Complete or partial name change)

So going through the above, you will now be clear about Charges for changing the name on the Etihad Airways ticket. Moreover, if you have any confusion or doubt, speak to the Etihad representative anytime.

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