How can I choose My Seat on Allegiant Air?

When it comes to trips and travels, you must look for comfort and experience the best to make the journey memorable. If you wish to select seats, you can do it through the online method as well as by contacting the customer service team of the airline. The executive at the customer service end will help you with the process. 

Allegiant Airlines, a low-cost airline, offers you the best at low prices. You can prefer to fly with this airline when your pockets are tight. If you have made the bookings, you must select a seat well in advance so it doesn't compromise your comfort level. To go through more details, you can read the following.  

Seat choose/selection Policy of Allegiant Air 

If you wish to choose seats on Allegiant air, you must go through the airline's seat selection policy. These policies are listed below: 

  • Seat selection depends on seat availability. 
  • You can skip the seat selection process and go through the check-in process in case you wish to select a seat and have forgotten to do so. The check-in process can be done either online or at the airport. 
  • You cannot select a seat in any other class; you must do it in the same booking class. 
  • You will have to make a payment if you select a paid seat. You can also not choose to upgrade through the seat selection process. For upgrading, you will have to pay different upgrade fees. 
  • You might have to pay for a seat if you have a basic economy reservation. But, if you have a premium or elite class booking, you are not entitled to make the payment. 
  • If the airline cancels your booking, you will get a refund, and the seat charges back in your bank account. 

Seat selection Process of Allegiant Air 

After understanding the seat election policy, read the following for the seating process. To be able to choose seats on Allegiant Air, you must go through the procedure step-wise as bulleted below: 

  • First, to select a seat, you will have to jump to the official website of Allegiant Air
  • Then in the second step, click o the manage trip option on the homepage, which is available in the top-right corner. 
  • Then, you will have to enter the booking itinerary to retrieve your booking. After you get your booking summary, select the seat select option from the menu list on this page. 
  • It will then forward you the seat map. 
  • On the map, choose a preferable seat and click on proceed after reviewing the price of the same. 
  • Then, go ahead with this and make the payment with the help of the on-screen instructions. 
  • Once the payment has been made and you have selected the seat, you will receive an email regarding the same at your registered email address with the ticket attached with the other details. 
  • You can refer to this for further requirements. You can also get your boarding pass. 

How much does it cost to choose your seat on Allegiant Air?

Choosing a seat on Allegiant air may cost you between $7 to $21. If you select a seat towards the back row of the flight, it won't cost high. But if a seat is selected towards the front row, it can be pricey. 

The information given in the content is probably enough, per my knowledge. If Incase, you wish to get more information for queries related to seat selection, check-in, or any other query. In that case, you can choose to visit the official website of the airlines o get in touch with them through their various contact options. You can choose to call them, chat via the live chat process, send an email, etc.

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