How can I get in touch with Malaysia Airlines?

Flyers who want to have a comfortable flight journey and like to avail the services of Malaysia Airlines can book their flight tickets online from their official website. One can explore the offers on the website and may get deals on the purchase of the flight ticket. If flyers want to get in touch with Malaysia Airlines, they can contact them anytime on multiple platforms. The customer service Malaysia Airlines is ever ready to give assistance to the flyers. People who want to contact them can use any platform to solve their issues.

List Of Multiple Platforms to Contact Malaysia Airlines customer

Flyers who want to get information from officials and like to discuss their queries related to their journey can ask the questions on the below-mentioned platforms: 

On-Phone Call: Flyers who like to discuss their queries or doubts with an executive on-call should use the Malaysia Airlines customer service phone number:1 (800) 552-9264 and speak with a representative. Ask all the queries related to the flight and acquire the information you are confused about by following the steps:

  • After dialing the contact number, carefully listen to the IVR options,
  • Press 1 to check flight status,
  • Press to make changes on the booked flight,
  • Press 3 to book a new flight,
  • Press 4 to learn about the policies of Malaysia Airlines,
  • Press * to speak with a Malaysia Airlines representative.

On Live Chat: Flyers who do not have time to get on a phone call with a representative of Malaysia Airlines and like to attain information on another platform, then consider asking questions on the live chat from an official of Malaysia Airlines. The following steps will get you a chat assistant online: 

  • Open the official site of Malaysia Airlines on your desktop or mobile,
  • Go to the Corporate Info on the homepage at the end,
  • Select the Contact Us option, 
  • Use the Live Chat Icon to connect with Malaysia Airlines representative online,
  • Sign In with your account if required to chat with an official,
  • Choose a topic you like to ask on the live chat box,
  • Information regarding the topic will appear in the chat box,
  • You can type questions in the chat box to clear your doubt,
  • The assisted person will clear the doubt by sharing the correct details. 

On Email: Information can be obtained without one-to-one communication with a representative but still get the answers to questions from an official of Malaysia Airlines via email. Flyers or people who are going to fly in the near future but want assistance, then write down the questions in the email and send it to A representative will reply to the email with the solution and the answers to your questions. 

On Social Media: One who wants to talk quickly with an official but fails to get a person on the live chat or call can contact a Malaysia Airlines representative on the social media platform. Getting an official social media account is very quick, and customer service quickly replies to people's messages. If you too like to massage Malaysia Airlines on any of their social media accounts, follow the steps:

  • Go to the website on your device,
  • Look at the end bar of the homepage of Malaysia Airlines,
  • Select a social media to account to message their official with the query you have,
  • After tapping the icon, you will be directed to the Malaysia Airlines account,
  • You may be required to log in with your account for accessibility,
  • Use the message option on the page to text your query.
  • Any online person will reply within some time with the correct information.

By Contact Form: Malaysia Airlines has provided a contact form option for people who require to contact a representative for their travel-related issues. It is a convenient way to get information directly from an official and to clear any doubt. To fill out the contact form, follow the below instructions: 

  • Open the official website of Malaysia Airlines,
  • Click on the Contact Us option present on the right side at the end of the page,
  • Tap on customer feedback to get the Contact Form,
  • Enter your contact number, email address, phone number, subject, and description,
  • Fill in all the other details on the form,
  • Mention your queries on the form,
  • Click the Submit button to send the form to Malaysia Airlines.

Hence, on any of the platforms, you can ask questions you like to know the answer to and get in touch with Malaysia Airlines. All the platforms help acquire assistance from the officials and contact information and answer travel-related issues.

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