How can I get in touch with Singapore Airlines?

Travel becomes seamless with the Singapore Air mobile app. Now, you can book or manage flights on the go. These facilities have even become more convenient because of the 24x7 active customer support for the passengers. Whenever in trouble, you must reach the right customer executive with the experience to resolve the queries and worries concerning the passenger's flights. How to get in touch with Singapore Airlines? Every mode is discussed in detail to help you determine which is more suitable for you.

Ways to contact Singapore Airlines customer service

Customer service contact number

The contact number is most convenient for the passengers to reach the airline. This is because you can share all your concerns, and the customer agent understands your problems after considering your situation and offers a customized solution. To reach the customer executive, you can follow this guide:

  • Dial Singapore Airlines phone number 1 (833) 727-0118 / 1-802-500-7022 to talk to someone at Singapore Airlines.
  • Select 1 or 2 to select your preferred language.
  • Follow the IVR instructions to select the queries.
  • Press 1 to reserve a flight.
  • Press 2 to inquire about refund-related issues.
  • Press 3 to change a flight/seat/name.
  • Press 4 to sort out the problems related to the baggage services.
  • You will be directed to the live customer executive based on your Query input.

Isn't it easiest to connect with Singapore Airlines? This service is available around the clock. If you are struggling with any issues or have queries, you should check Singapore Airlines' self-help resources, where the most frequently asked questions are discussed.

Self-help Resources

This section is dedicated to the general problems, frequently asked questions, flight disruption statements, and suggestions for improvement of the COVID-19 information center. Steps to reach this crucial self-help resource are discussed below:

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the airline website.
  • Click on the contact us.
  • You will be directed to the self-help resource.

In case you are still troubled by your queries. Besides calls, you can also refer to them with various modes.

Customer service via Live Chat 

If you have a question and want to reach the airline's customer support, feel free to reach out through live chat. Easy-to-follow steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on "Contact Us" at the end of the web page.
  • Now, click "Chat now" at the bottom of the right side of your screen.  
  • After clicking, you must agree to the terms and conditions related to the airline's privacy policy.
  • Once accepted, you are good to talk to them.

Customer services for PPS Club members 

Airlines offer exclusive services to the PPS Club Members. Passengers can send the request call back message to Singapore Airlines, and their agent will call back. You must text +65 9184 8888 with the "PPS 10-digit PPS Club membership number". Remember, your mobile number must be the same one registered in your KrisFlyer profile.

Customer service via Social Media 

Social Media is an engaging medium for content sharing and communication. The advantage of Social Media is that it helps to stay in touch with clients, friends, or communities. Nowadays, they permit users to share information and conversations. Social Media allows us to share photos, screenshots, and videos, which add meaning to our messages and help service providers reach service users in a more interactive and connected way.

To bridge the gap, Singapore Airlines also has a presence on all the platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Check out the steps to get in touch with Singapore Airlines via Facebook:

You can share your message or post it to them. If you want to connect via Twitter instead of Facebook, use Twitter rather than Facebook. These are the convenient ways to get in touch with Singapore Airlines.

You can follow the Singapore airline for the latest updates. However, it is always suggested if you want urgent help or your flight departure schedule is within 72 hours. You should call your local Singapore Airlines office for the latest updates, You can refer to the official website of Singapore Airlines.

How do I talk to someone on Singapore Airlines?

If you need assistance getting reliable information about using the Singapore loyalty program services, you get some difficulties, and you are worried about how to get rid of these issues. So, to overcome these issues, you can directly contact the live customer service agent; thus, if you don’t know how to talk to someone on Singapore Airlines, there are few modes through which you can connect with the agent, therefore, to learn about it, ensure to read the below content thoroughly. 

Call the Singapore Airlines person- 

  • Dial Singapore Airlines toll-free number 1 (833) 727-0118 / 1-802-500-7022 to talk to someone on Singapore Airlines. 
  • Find the “Help Center” section, tap on it,
  • Look for the phone number according to your region
  • Take the phone number and call the live person; in a few seconds, the number will connect with the person
  • Talk to the Singapore person and try to sort out all conflicts readily.

Email the Singapore Airlines agent-

After calling, if you still interact with any issues, you can try to send an email to the customer service person; therefore, to do this, you should continue to go through the “contact us” page, must pick the email address, and go to the mailbox, share your disputes to the airline person with adding your contact information, send them. Thus, in a few days, the airline person will contact you and try to help you overcome all the issues.

Chat with Singapore Airlines person-

  • Navigate the Singapore Airlines web portal
  • Find the chat section on the customer service page, 
  • Start the chat with the live person, and you will get some options, 
  • It would be best if you chose according to your difficulties, get immediate help from them, 
  • Chatting with the “Kris” support lets you quickly resolve all issues.

Talk with the Singapore Airlines person on social media-

  • Open the Singapore site on your search engine.
  • Tap on the “Contact Us” column on the next page; you will get the social media web links,
  • You must open it on any site of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, 
  • Go to the messenger box, there you have to add all your problems, 
  • You will get help from a live person; through this, you can sort out all kinds of difficulties. 

Thus, through these ways, you can directly talk to someone on Singapore Airlines. Further, if you interact with any issues, you can try to reach out to the agent at their head office at Singapore Airlines Ltd., Airline House, 25 Airline Road, Singapore 819829, and by directly talking with the customer service agent, you can resolve all difficulties. 


Can I chat with the live person for free?

Yes, you can swiftly chat with the live person for free.

Where is Singapore Airlines located?

Singapore Airlines is in Asia Pacific at Airline House, 25 Airline Road 501 Airmail Transit Centre 819829.

Where does Singapore Airlines offer its services?

Singapore Airlines offers its services to passengers from 32 countries on five continents, providing aid to 75 international regions. 

Is Singapore available for 24 hours?

Yes, Singapore Airlines is available for 24 hours to help their travelers all the time quickly. Dial 1 (833) 727-0118 / 1-802-500-7022 to talk to someone on Singapore Airlines.

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