How can I select my seat in Oman air?

Are you looking to reserve your seat in Oman air? If yes, then the below-mentioned steps guide the detailed seat selection procedure of Oman air. If you are dealing with How can I select my seat in Oman air? We get to see different ways of seat selection in the instructions below-mentioned instructions. The procedure of Oman air seat selection is easily adaptable and can be performed in less time. In the below-mentioned, we will try to highlight various ways the customer can select their seats. It is important to go through these below-mentioned details carefully for successfully completing the seat selection procedure.

Let us see how to perform seat selection in Oman airline:

The customers must get the knowledge of different ways in which the customers can select their seats. In the below-mentioned details, we will consider some of the most critical & well-known ways of seat selection in Oman Airlines. See the below-mentioned details carefully:

Via Website:

  1. In the first step, customers are required to visit the official website of the airline.
  2. After getting to the official page of the airline, Customers get to see the option of "Manage my Booking". It is basically for making changes in the existing flight.
  3. Click the section and provide your details like Booking reference number/surname and other information related to the journey.
  4. Click on the "Submit" button for finding your booking.
  5. After completion of the fourth step, you get to see your last flight booking details.
  6. You can now fill in the new details and tap the submit button in the seat selection after reviewing all the information.
  7. On this site, customers are required to pay the fees of the prior seat selection. One thing that is important to consider is that the prices depend on the type of ticket. Customers can also perform the payment by using files that are provided by different airlines.
  8. After completing the seventh step, customers can proceed with the final payment, and as the price gets processed, customers can see the email regarding seat selection on the inserted ID.

Via web check-in:

Customers can also perform Oman Air seat selection during online check-in. Online check-in facilities of Oman air get started 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. For proceeding in the online check-in process, customers have to provide the Booking reference number & surname in the online check-in section of the official website of Oman air. After giving the details, tap the option of check-in. After Going through the official check-in page, passengers can easily select a seat by providing an additional amount.

Via Customers service:

If you are dealing with How I can select my seat in Oman Air, you can also go through various customer service modes. In the below-mentioned steps, we get to see different customer care modes by which we can get sealer seats:


  1. Dial the customer service number 1-802-500-7022 or 0124 642 1111 of Oman air
  2. After getting connected, select the language of conversation.
  3. Be ready to hear the Automated instructions regarding typing the keys.
  4. Type the keys which are required for seat selection according to the instructions.
  5. Wait until the live representative gets connected with you.
  6. Finally, you can ask for the set selection from the live representative of Oman air customer service.
  7. They will definitely guide you regarding the procedure to complete your seat selection.

Live chat:

Looking for the seat selection, then customers can also go for the live chat conversation. To initiate a live chat conversation with the airline's representative, customers have to go through the official support page of the airline. Tap the "Contact Us" section to see the option of live chat. Click it, and the live representative gets connected with you in minutes. You can tell for your seat selection.

As we see in the process mentioned above, How can I select my seat in Oman Air? We have briefly discussed different ways of seat selection that the customers can efficiently perform. If you have further doubts & queries regarding Oman air, you can go through the airline's customer service. We have discussed only two conversation modes. There are various others like email, social media platforms. Live representatives remain active round the clock to solve customer queries.

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      • I want to pick seat

          • Aniway s francisc
      • I want to pick seat

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      • Do i need to pay extra if i select a window seat now. My flight is on august 21st

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      • Do i need to pay extra if i select a window seat now. My flight is on october 21st

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