How do I change my name on JetBlue?

Learn the process to change names on JetBlue Tickets.

JetBlue provides a wide range of facilities to different passengers across countries, for example, considerable discounts to frequent fliers and other fliers, easy booking and canceling policy, lounge facilities, pet policy, Name change policy, and multiple other flexible services that a passenger looks for from any of the airlines out there providing aviation services. If you have booked your ticket and unintentionally you have typed the wrong name, now you are wondering about JetBlue Name change policy and what the fee is to change a name, below is a detailed discussion:

JetBlue Name change policy:

Suppose you are looking forward to changing your name on a ticket (that you unintentionally typed your name wrong, or there are some other issues) that you have booked before that. In that case, you must understand the process, ways to change the word, and also the JetBlue Name Change Policy; please have a look at the mentioned points:

  • There must be validation on the tickets of JetBlue (B6/279.)
  • For name correction, only a single reissue on a ticket is allowed.
  • Changing a name may have you incurring additional costs to change a name.
  • If there is any minor error in your name, you are allowed to make corrections in your name to comply with Govt issued Identity proof.
  • If you are changing a name and date of birth, it will come under the Name Change Policy of JetBlue.
  • You are allowed to make only 1 correction (per passenger); if you make any further changes, you will be covered under the Name Change Policy. And you may be charged additional costs.
  • You can also add a new Passenger Name Record, or you may also change the original PNR number.

Steps to change your name on JetBlue

If you have booked your reservation with JetBlue, and due to any condition (for example, there is an error in your name that you have filled while filling out the form, or you want to transfer your ticket, or you want to make any addition to your name, etc.) you wish to JetBlue Name Change on Ticket Online, then below are the different process in which you can change your names on your ticket with JetBlue. Please have a glance at the ways that are mentioned below:

Change your name via the Website:

If you want to make changes (Your name) on the ticket that you have booked on JetBlue, then the below steps will help you in doing so:

  • First, you are required to login into your account by visiting the official Website of JetBlue. 
  • Then on the homepage, you are required to go to the “Manage Trips” section and click on “Manage Bookings” to begin the process.
  • Once you click on it, you are advised to type your Original Booking Code. 
  • Then you have to type your new last name. 
  • Then you have to “Submit” the form to end the process of changing a flight.

Change your name Via JetBlue Application.

For the feasibility of the passengers and the hassle-free process, JetBlue has provided an opportunity to change the name on its application; look at the mentioned ways that will assist you in changing your name:

  • Open the application of Jetblue on your Smartphone.
  • On the homepage, tap on “Manage Bookings.”
  • Then you are required to tap on the “Change Name” option.
  • Then you can change your name by filling out the requested information there. And you can change your name. And at the end, you can ask for a new boarding pass. 

Cost to change a name on JetBlue?

To change a name on JetBlue, one always has a question of How much does it cost to change a name on a JetBlue, because many airlines charge very high to make any rectification addition to the names on a ticket, but JetBlue charges are comparatively meager; please have a look at the mentioned points:

  • If you have flights (Blue Basic Fare) to the US, Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America, you have to incur 100 USD to change a name, but if you are on any other routes, you have to pay 200 USD.
  • If you are traveling with Blue Plus, Blue Extra, Blue refundable, etc., you can change by incurring the fare difference.
  • If you opt for an Offline method to change your name, you may have to incur around 50 USD. 

These are ways by which you can easily change your name on a JetBlue ticket, and the mentioned policy will help you understand the different terms and conditions of JetBlue.

How do you correct a name on a JetBlue ticket?

Passengers can use the online or offline method to correct a name on a JetBlue ticket. Passengers who use the online mode can modify their names within seconds. The name will be correct when they misspell their name or are married or divorced. Passengers can read the terms and conditions for the name change and do it afterward.

Methods to correct a name on a JetBlue Ticket:

Online name correction in JetBlue Ticket

To correct a name on a JetBlue ticket, you must use the online method and get the confirmation within a second. The online method is the best method to modify your changes. Here are the steps: 

  1. Open the official website of JetBlue. 
  2. Click on my trip option. 
  3. Provide six-digit confirmation details and other required details also. 
  4. Go to the change section and click on it. 
  5. Tap on the name option and, provide the required details and submit option. 
  6. Receive the confirmation on your email id.
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