How do I get a refund from Breeze Airways?

Suppose you had a booking at Breeze Airways which needed to be canceled as you no longer need to fly to another location due to sudden plan changes. Now you must be wondering about the cancellation and refund policy so that you can know the consequences and eligibility for getting the purchase amount back after canceling the flight ticket. There are conditions applied for refunding by Breeze Airways depending upon the flight cancellation time and situation. Further, you will learn about those policies.

What is the Cancellation policy of Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy:

To cancel a flight ticket, you need to consider the Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy, which is provided here:

  • You need to pay the administration charges if you make the cancellation after 24 hours of purchasing the flight ticket.
  • There will be no charges on the cancellation, which was made within 24 hours of purchase. 
  • You must share the medical documents if the cancellation is due to health issues. 
  • Cancellation of a flight ticket online is allowed for reservations made directly from Breeze Airways. 
  • If the reservation has been made through a third party, you must contact the same party for your ticket cancellation. 
  • If the flight is rescheduled 3 hours later than the boarding timing, then you can cancel without any fees. 
  • The flight cannot be canceled after check-in at the airport. 
  • If you have booked a flexible ticket at Breeze Airways, half used flight ticket can also be canceled.

What is the refund policy of Breeze Airways?

Breeze Airways Refund Policy:

If you are wondering about the refund policy and thinking in which case you will get a full refund from Breeze Airways, here are the policies given for different cases, which will help you to determine your refund eligibility. 

  • The flight ticket must have been canceled prior to departure timing to be eligible for a refund.
  • The refund request must be submitted within 30 days from the flight’s boarding date. 
  • You have to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of reservation if you wish to get a full refund of the fare amount. Also, the flight ticket must have been reserved around seven days earlier than the boarding date. 
  • The refunds for those flight tickets canceled after 24 hours of reservation will be entitled to the tax deductions, and the rest amount will be refunded to the passenger’s account. 
  • If the cancellation was made by Breeze Airways, then you will receive the full purchase amount on the same mode of payment. 
  • The delay of flights of more than 3 hours is also entitled to a full refund at Breeze Airways. 
  • The refund takes 7 to 14 business days to be credited to the account of the passengers who have applied for the refund. 
  • The refundable flight tickets only can get you the purchase amount on the same transaction medium.
  • Refunds of non-refundable flight tickets are only provided at the travel points.

Hence, if you require to cancel the flight ticket you reserved at Breeze Airways, you no longer have to be worried about the policies. Above are the policies which will help you to learn when you will get a full refund from Breeze Airways. Now, you can make the cancellation and can apply for a refund.

Can I get a refund from Breeze?

After booking Breeze Airways flights, customers sometimes experience unusual flight delays and cancellations. This situation often leads travelers to wonder whether the airline provides refunds for flight cancellations and delays or not; then, yes, under certain conditions, they provide a refund to the customers. If you desire to get a refund from Breeze Airways, then you must follow the procedure given below. 

Procedure to get a refund from Breeze Airways:

If you wish to get your money back from the airlines, then you are required to follow the online steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of Breeze Airways.
  • If you have an existing account, then you must fill in the credentials to login into your account and navigate to the “My trips” section.
  • When you get your ticket details, you must click on the refund form link.
  • Fill in all the details of the refund form.
  • The reason for claiming a refund must be mentioned in the message box.
  • Finally, confirm the decision and press the submit button.

Contact Breeze customer services to request a refund: 

If an online form is unavailable, customers can call and request the airline customer care representative to get a refund. They must give a valid reason for claiming their money back. After processing their request, money will come back into its original mode of transaction. 

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