How to book multi city flights on Avianca?

Nowadays, people hardly get time out from their busy schedules, and the only way to get a peaceful time is to plan a getaway with their friends and family. In these cases, they often wish to cover major places in one go to get the peace of time and a month-long much-needed vacation. When they plan an extended vacation, they must find ways to manage their expenses. One of the best ways to manage your expenses is to book multi-city flights on Avianca. As it will cost you less in comparison to the flight, you're going to book individually. Let's under the process of booking a multi-city flight, its benefits, and many other necessary details. 

The process to book Avianca Multi-city Flight

Travelers can dial Multi-city Flight booking Customer Service number of Avianca Airlines and request the executive to proceed with their flight reservation. They can also make the reservation online through the airline's official website. 

Steps to make the multi-city booking on Avianca through the official website

  • Jump onto the official website of Aviana Airlines and look for the booking option as soon as you get onto the homepage. 
  • Once you get onto the 'Book a flight' option, you are required to click on the 'Multi-city' booking option. 
  • You can add up to 6 destinations to your multi-city flight booking. 
  • You must add the arrival and departure destination and the date on which you wish to board your flight. 
  • Once the process of booking is complete, search for the available flights on the given date. 
  • Select the flight as per your preference, after which you must follow the on-screen process and provide the necessary details about your reservation and the passengers traveling with them. 
  • Once all the details are complete, you'll be redirected to the payment page, where you must follow the instructions to pay for your flight ticket. 

Steps to book multi-city flights on Avianca through Phone call

It is the quickest and most reasonable to book multi-city flights on Avianca over a call at +1 802-500-7022 / 800-284-2622 with the help of a customer service executive. The steps are explained here for you as follows. 

  • Dial the Avianca multi-city flight booking customer service number 1-802-500-7022 or (800) 284-2622, and once you get connected, you must follow the IVR process. 
  • Press 1 to make the multi-city reservation for your flight ticket. 
  • Press 2 to cancel your flight ticket. 
  • Press 3 to make the changes to your multi-city flight ticket. 
  • Press 4 to proceed with the reservation. 
  • Press # to connect with the customer service agent of the airline. 
  • Once the IVR process is complete, there will be a short hold, after which the agent will connect with you to provide you with the necessary assistance while making the reservation.

Benefits of Booking Avianca Multi-city Flights

There are various benefits to booking a multi-city flight on Aviana Airlines, some of which are explained here for you as follows. 

  • Cost-efficient- The traveler can save a very good portion of their flight fare, which they must pay to book their one-way/ round trip flight. This is the most considerable fact in booking the flight ticket. 
  • Time-efficient- If you have planned to visit multiple cities, then there is a chance that you'll make an additional booking during your trip. In that case, you may find no booking at the time of need. But if you make the reservation on a multi-city flight, then every flight for all destinations will be planned for you. 
  • Easy booking- The process of making the reservation for different destinations individually can be s tiring work for you. To make this process easy and hassle-free, multi-city booking is advisable. 
  • Lounge facility- When the passengers make the booking for their flight in multi-city flight, then the airline provides them with additional facilities in which they can have access to the airport lounge if they have to wait for their flight.

Extra luggage Facility- It is the best thing for their passengers because if they travel to multiple destinations, they will carry a lot of belongings with them.

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