How to change my flight on Emirates?

Emirates is the largest airline in the United Arab Emirates and is famous for being the most prominent airline. The airlines provide an extensive range of domestic as well as international flights. Suppose the passengers have made their flight reservation with Emirates and wish to make changes to their scheduled flight. In that case, passengers must understand the policy and procedure required to be followed to change my flight on Emirates. There are specific guidelines given by the airlines to make changes in the flight ticket of passengers, and they don't have to pay the charges if the change in their flight ticket is made per the airlines' rules. Let's list those rules for the passengers to make the process easier.

Emirates Flight Change Policy

  • As per the Emirates airlines flight change policy, any changes made within 24 hours of the flight booking will be free of charge. The passengers must pay the fare difference between their old and new flights.
  • Changes made after 24 hours of the booking will be subject to the change flight fee. However, the service charges on the flight change entirely depending upon the fare type. 
  • The passengers are allowed to make their scheduled departure by three hours on the same date for the same destination.
  • If a travel agency makes the reservation, the passengers have to ask the travel agent to make the changes to their flight ticket, as the passengers are not allowed to change their flight online.
  • The passenger can also change their flight over the call by connecting with the customer service agent of the airline.
  • If the passengers opt to make the changes in their flight ticket because of the delay in their flight ticket's scheduled departure, they are also allowed to make the changes in their flight without paying any charges.
  • The passengers can change their flight class and date of departure for the same destination.

Process of making the change in flight ticket with Emirates

To make the changes to your flight ticket on Emirates airlines, the passenger can follow two basic procedures. The methods to make the changes in flight tickets are given here as follows.

Via online mode

You can change your Emirates flight online by following the procedure mentioned here.

  • Get onto the official website of Emirates and look for the 'Manage Booking' option.
  • Once getting onto the manage booking page, follow the PNR number and the passenger's last name to proceed.
  • After getting onto the available flight page, click on the flight on which you have made your reservation and proceed further.
  • Once getting onto your flight details page, select the option of 'change' and fill in the required details like the time and date on which you wish to make the change.
  • Once all the details are submitted, proceed further to get onto the payment page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment of the charges applicable to the flight change.
  • Once all the details are completed, and changes are made, you'll receive the confirmation in your email.
  • The e-ticket of your scheduled flight ticket will also get in your email.

Via phone call

The passengers can also make changes to their flight tickets by placing a phone call to the customer service agent of the airline. To make a call, they must get onto the 'Contact us' page of the airline.

  • On the contact us page, you'll get the customer service number of the airline.
  • Dial the number, and you must follow the IVR process once you get connected. 
  • Choose your preferred language for communication and request a flight change by following the IVR instructions.
  • Once the IVR instructions are completed, you may have to wait a while, after which the airline's agent will connect with you. 
  • Once the agent gets on the call, you must tell him the changes you wish to make to your flight ticket and proceed with the payment for the same.
  • The agent will complete the process for you, and you'll receive the confirmation in your registered email.

How much does it cost to change an Emirates ticket?

The flight change fee with Emirates depends upon the fare rules, the time of making the changes, and the flight class. If the passengers change their flight for Economy Class, the charges will be $75-200; for Business Class- $300-400 and $250–400 for First Class.

Can you reschedule a flight with Emirates?

If you have made a flight reservation with Emirates and, for some reason, your plans got delayed, then no problem, as you can easily reschedule your flight to your desired date by paying some charges. If you want to reschedule your Emirates flight, the quickest method is through the official website or the mobile app. You do not have to pay any charges if you change your flight date within 24 hours of making the purchase.

The steps to reschedule a flight with Emirates 

  • Go to Emirates mobile app or their webpage “”.
  • Tap on the “Manage” section.
  • Write your “Last name” and “Booking reference.”
  • Click on the “Reschedule flight” option from the menu.
  • Choose the date as per your choice and select the flight.
  • Then you have to pay if there are any charges or fees.
  • After that, Emirates will send your new flight details to your registered email.
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