How to change name on Air Canada ticket

Travelers from different locations book their flight tickets with Air Canada as it has the best experience to provide for their passengers. They also have a medium to change mistakes made on flight tickets. Passengers who have doubts related to how to change name on Air Canada ticket can change their name and date of the flight tickets as per the policies of the airlines. Air Canada is the flag carrier, and largest flight of Canada by fleet size and the passengers carried. They provide their passengers with domestic and international trips to over 207 destinations worldwide. Some of the ways by which they can change their name on flight tickets are as follows:

  • Initially, passengers need to open the official website of Air Canada on an internet browser on their devices with a good WiFi internet connection.
  • Now, there will be multiple options on the website's new page. Choose the Manage Booking option and tap on it.
  • Then click on the Manage Booking box to amend passengers' tickets. Next, in the relevant field of the page, passengers need to enter the booking number of the tickets.
  • After that, fill in the passenger's last name in the designated field given on the tab. Press the find button to get a list of all the flights passengers have booked with Air Canada.
  • Then, open the specific flight for which they need to reform the name and spelling errors on the tickets. After that, make proper changes to the name to fix the spelling mistake and save the reservation of flights.
  • Finally, Air Canada will update the reservation with the correct passenger name on the ticket and send the corrections and confirmation mail to the passengers.
  • They can also contact the service team of the airline in case of any trouble in changing flight tickets.

Air Canada name change or correction policy

If the passengers want to change their name on the flight tickets, they must follow some airline policies. Some of the Air Canada name change policy is as follows:

  • According to the Air Canada name change/correction policy, passengers can alter the incorrect name if a minor spelling issue occurs.
  • In addition to the name change/correction policy, travelers can change their last name on their airline ticket under certain legal situations of the airline.
  • Passengers who want to change the last name of their ticket will have to submit proof of change, including a different certificate depending upon the case.
  • Editing in the name must be made within 24 hours of the reservation to get the service for free; Dial 1-802-500-7022, or else Air Canada charges $60 as per the name change fee of the passenger.
  • According to the Air Canada name change /correction policy, passengers can request to name change using their website or call 1-802-500-7022, their reservation number.

Charges for changing the name on an Air Canada ticket

Passengers who want to change the flight ticket's name have been entered wrongly due to some mistake. Air Canada's name change fee is around $60 according to the fare and distance of the flight per passenger.

Contacting the service team of the airline:

If the passengers want to contact the service team of the airline, they can call on Air Canada name change contact number to change the name on the airline ticket. They can get access to their number through their official website or by searching on the internet. The service team will provide appropriate help to the passengers and directly instruct them through phone calls. The service team is available 24*7 to connect with their passengers.

Above mentioned are some of the points which passengers can follow to change their name and follow the policies given by Air Canada for their passengers.

How do I change my misspelled name on Air Canada?

Are you wondering about the name correction on your Air Canada ticket? You have landed at the right place.

We are here to offer all-inclusive information related to name correction or spelling mistakes for your Air Canada tickets.

Air Canada flight ticket name spelling mistake correction policy:

Here is what one needs to know about the inclusions of the Air Canada name correction policy.

  • Air Canada flight segment is approved for name change and name correction if travelers have booked multiple flights. Codeshare and interline agreement flight partners qualify for name correction at Air Canada.
  • In the case of name correction, the ticket must be from the 014 ticket inventory as per the guidelines issued in the Air Canada name correction policy.
  • The change fee and fare difference are applicable on all tickets as Air Canada considers name spelling mistakes correction a re-issuance of the ticket in the same fare class.
  • In the name change category, the following changes are not permitted by the airline: flight date, time, destination, date of birth, and gender of the passenger.
  • Minor corrections are permitted by the airline. Free minor corrections of up to three characters are permitted to passengers as far as Air Canada name correction is taken into consideration.

Is there any 24-hour name correction policy?

Passengers can cancel their flight reservation within 24 hours of making the initial reservation for free and can go for re-booking. However, you may not get the same fare again. In order to escape such situations, passengers can converse with the customer support department to proceed with the Air Canada name correction. You can dial the hotline to reach customer service and support executive at the airline for optimum support and guidance with your flight change and corrections.

Here's how things work at Air Canada as far as the name correction protocol is concerned.

Name corrections on PNR

Reservations by a travel agent.

Online reservations at

24 hours name correction on air Canada



Air Canada name correction process within 24 hours.

  • The ticket is nulled without any cancellation fee.

  • Passengers may get a higher class of service due to unavailability in the lower class segment.

  • The name change fee and the fare difference apply to the tickets.

  • Connect with the concerned department at Air Canada by reaching out to the customer professionals at name correction phone number to get a new ticket with the airline.

  • The ticket is nulled without any cancellation fee.

  • Passengers may get a higher class of service due to unavailability in the lower class segment.

  • The name change fee and the fare difference apply to the tickets.

Can I correct my name on flight Ticket Air Canada?

Many passengers are not entirely concentrated while filling in the details, and after making the confirmed reservation, they want to make changes to those details. If the passenger is traveling by Air Canada, they can make the changes in the name. To know the complete procedure, you require to read below.

The process you require to follow is mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of Air Canada 
  • Now go to the manage bookings option 
  • Further, you need to fill out the last name of the passenger and the booking reference number. 
  • Now your bookings will open. Go to the name-changing option and fill out the correct name.
  • After this, save the changes, go to the payment section, and pay $200 online. 
  • Last, you will obtain the confirmation message on the contact number and registered email id. 

If you cannot make changes in the name, you can also contact Air Canada name correction phone number at 1-802-500-7022 / 1-888-247-2262. They will help you and give you solutions to your problems.

How do I change my name on Air Canada booking?

While making a reservation, there can be a typo error if you are dealing with this. Here are the instructions on what options passengers have. You can change your name on Air Canada booking. Air Canada permits 24 hours to modify the information without any fee. After that, passengers have to pay a certain fee. To manage your reservation, check the details to resolve the issue. 

Change the name on an Air Canada booking 

You can do it online or ask customer support. For online: 

  • Visit the website and click on My Bookings. 
  • Enter the details asked. 
  • Select the flight to make the required changes. 
  • Before submitting, pay the charges if required. 

If you have any issues, dial the contact number. The service is accessible 24 hours, and you choose the suitable automated IVR option for adequate help. Visit the website for more details. 

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