How to change name on Alaska Airlines ticket?

Your name on the flight ticket must match the name on the documents, especially if you are traveling abroad. If it does not match, airlines might not allow you to board the flight. If by mistake you have entered the wrong name or misspelled the name and now you want to know about "How to change the name on Alaska Airlines ticket," then relax; you are reading the right article here you will find the name change policy and different ways to change or edit the name.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

The airlines formed these name change policies to favor them if they have entered the wrong name or want to change or edit the name. Read about these policies to know under what conditions you can change your name.

  • Airlines do not allow the passengers to change their names completely, and you can only edit the name.
  • If you want to avoid the name change fees, make the desired changes within twenty-four hours after making the reservation.
  • If the changes in the name are minor, then airlines will not charge any name change fees.
  • If you want to change the name after divorce, airlines will allow you to do so, but you will have to show the required documents.
  • If passengers purchased the tickets before marriage, you could change your last by showing the airlines your marriage certificate.
  • The anime change fees depend on your changes and when you are making the changes.
  • If you have misspelled your name, airlines will allow you only to correct your name to three letters.
  • You can add your middle after booking the flight ticket, but you will have to pay some fees.
  • Airlines allow their passenger to make these changes through different mediums.

How can I change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket?

Steps to change passenger name on Alaska Airlines ticket

Under Alaska Airlines' name change policy, passengers can change or edit their names through different mediums. If you want to know about it in detail, read this page completely.

Passengers can change misspelled names by up to three characters by paying a $140 name change charge to Alaska Airlines tickets. Call at 1-8025007022 You can make all international Alaska Airlines ticket name changes.

Name change via airline's application:

If you want to change your name on tickets by yourself, only then read and follow the steps given below:

  • Download the application of Alaska airlines from your play store or apple store
  • Log in to the account by entering your ID and password through which you booked tickets
  • go to "my trips" and search for the ticket and open it and then click on the edit option
  • Make the changes in the name and upload the required documents if asked
  • Then pay for the name change fees and check your new ticket sent on your registered email id.

Name change via phone call:

Airlines allow you to change your name with the help phone call 1-802-500-7022. To change your flight ticket name with this method, all you have to do is call the airline, tell your booking reference number, ask a porter to change the name on an Alaska Airlines ticket, and then pay the fee from the link sent on the registered mail id. You can get the contact number of the airlines from the contact page of the airlines.

Name change by visiting the airport:

A passenger can visit the airport directly and request the changes in name. You have to go to the reservation department and request the air cap present to make changes in the name for you. Share the documents if you ask, and then pay for the name change fees. And then you will receive a new ticket with the new name.

How much are the name change fees on an Alaska Airlines ticket?

The Alaska Airlines name change fee depends on when and how many changes you are making, but it charges approximately $140. To avoid these fees, make sure that you enter the right name on the ticket and if you have entered the wrong anime, then change the name within twenty-four hours only.

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