How to change name on British Airways ticket?

Make a plan with British Airways to fly but already did a mistake while updating a name on British Airways. However, sometimes while naming the tickets we did mistakes due to we always are in hurry. For this, British Airways makes some policies to get rid of the problem of how to change the name on British Airways tickets. So, change your name from your ticket. In addition, here you will get the ways to change your name promptly which will help you in taking the flight to British Airways.

Ways to change the name on British Airways ticket

British Airways name change with a phone call: Moreover, you can change your name through a phone call. For this, you must follow the following ways that are,

  • Dial British Airways name change contact number: 1-800-403-0882 
  • Then, speak to the live person to change your name on British Airways tickets
  • After that, the airline person will resolve your issues swiftly 

Thereafter, you will achieve the name change confirmation on your phone on your registered device via mail or text. However, the airline will allow you to change your name via online mode also, therefore, for this, a passenger has to follow the steps of name changing through virtual mode at British Airways.

British Airways name change via the online method: For this, you have to go on their website look for the manage booking enter all your credential information to open your British Airways account tap on that flight which you have your reservation go to settings, and edit your name make changes on your name and save it. Thereafter, the airline will deliver the notification to your phone that will pop up on your phone.

How much does it cost to change the name on a British Airways ticket?

Thus, want to correct your mistake, you can easily change your name in an appropriate manner. But after changes in your name, it is essential to pay the fee of it. However, if you are thinking about it How much does it cost to change the name on a British Airways ticket? So, British Airlines will take 45$ to 60$ for name changes. However, the airlines will take charge of some conditions that are mentioned in the name change policy. So, going through this policy is necessary for every passenger whenever they look for name changes. 

British Airways name change/correction policy

However, if you want to change your name, it is necessary to know about the British Airways name change policy that will help you swiftly in changing the name from there. So, that is,

  • Moreover, after British Airways check-in was done by a passenger, there has no chance of changing the name.
  • Marriage and divorce happened, a passenger will change their name without paying any fare.
  • A traveler can change their name spelling up to 3 letters only first, middle and last name.
  • If you can book your flight with Executive club mileage points, British Airways can’t permit you to change your name on the tickets
  • A name change free of cost will available when a person can change their name within 24 hours of reserving the seats at British Airways.
  • Name changes up to 3 or more letters, the airline will generate the new PNR number and denies the old PNR number.
  • Requesting for the change name, it is required to show the legal documents as proof. 
  • In addition, British Airways will allow you to change your name when a passenger has ticket no. 236 that is allocated by British Airways.

Hence, the above-mentioned name change policy, and process of name changing through both online and calling mode. However, that helps you in resolving the issues that facing while changing your name.

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