How to get a refund from Air Canada?

Air Canada operates world-class flights that offer premium services. They provide a comfortable and equally memorable journey. The flight attendant and their ground staff are also humble and customer-friendly. Even their customer service is organized and reliable. Due to unpredictable incidents, your flight may be canceled; in that case, you will need a refund guided by the Air Canada refund policy. If you are looking for a refund with Air Canada, then you must be acquainted with their refund policy. The policy has been formed keeping in mind the interest of the people. You can follow the given directives to learn more about the refund policy of Air Canada:

Air Canada Refund Policy- Terms and Conditions

  • The refund policy of Air Canada is subject to the fare norms. It can be availed as per the nature of the ticket.
  • You can ask for a refund if your ticket is a refundable one. Non-refundable tickets are not allowed for a refund.
  • If you avail of their 24 hours cancellation window, then you will get a full refund if your flight is canceled within 24 hours of booking.
  • You cannot cancel your flight with Air Canada if less than an hour remains for its scheduled departure. Your entire booking amount will be forfeited, and you will get no refund.
  • If Air Canada is responsible for your flight cancellation, you are also eligible for a refund.
  • If the cancellation has been made for a disabled person or an infant under one year, you are also eligible for a refund.
  • You will get a refund once the cancellation charges plus applicable government taxes are deducted.
  • Normally you get a refund within seven business days if you have made the payment from the credit card.
  • If the payment has been made from a different source, then it will take around 20 business days to get a refund.

How to request a refund from Air Canada

Method for requesting a refund with Air Canada

  • Open the website of Air Canada through any browser.
  • Select “Manage Booking.”
  • Now put your credentials like your booking reference number, first name, and last name to open your details.
  • Now click on “Modify Flight.”
  • Here you have to select ‘Cancel and Refund’.
  • Once you cancel your flight, you have to fill out a refund request form and submit it. Now you are eligible for a refund.

Air Canada has not kept its refund policy complex. All the norms are well defined and formulated in the interest of the people. Air Canada has earned the trust of people because of their active and energetic services. If you want a refund, you can request a refund from Air Canada, and if you fulfill their requirements, you will get a refund easily. The refund will take anywhere from seven to 20 days.

How long does it take to get a refund from Air Canada?

  • Normally, you get a refund in seven business days as soon as you put in a request for a refund. But that is only applicable if you make the payment from a credit card.
  • If you make the payment from any other sources, it will take around 20 days.

Air Canada has formulated a very customer-friendly policy. If you cancel your ticket according to their policies, you will get a hassle-free refund. Air Canada also provides refunds through their customer support service. So if you want to know How long does it take to get a refund from Air Canada? First, you have to cancel your flight and then put in a refund request. If a refund request is considered valid and fulfills all the norms of their policies, you will be granted a refund. Even the process for a refund is easy and trouble-free. The policy is somewhat similar to the policies of other airlines in terms of leniency.

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