JetBlue Airlines London Airport office in England

If the passenger has booked their flight ticket with JetBlue and has to board their flight from London Airport, as it is one of the airports which serves Jetblue flights. In that case, it is very much necessary for them to know everything about the airport along with the method to get hold of the customer service representative. As mentioned here, the steps and methods to get the best help and assistance are simple and quick. 

Contact JetBlue Airlines London Airport office in England:

London Airport customer service number- The passengers can connect with the customer service team if they want to make last-minute add-ons to their flight ticket or want to request special assistance at the airport. Travelers can dial JetBlue Airlines London Airport office contact number +44-203-807-0449 / +44 020 8757 2700 for special assistance or to connect with the customer service agent. Once getting hitched, you have to follow the auto-generated process, after which the customer service agent will connect with you to provide you with the best help or book special assistance at the airport. 

Working Hours- The travelers have to option to connect with the executive over the phone or through any other methods on 24 hours basis. They can get the best help and assistance at the airport at any time before boarding their flight. 

Which terminal do you have to reach for your JetBlue flights?

The passengers have to reach Terminal 1 of JetBlue Airlines London Airport office in England for any help and assistance. People may find the common check-in points before proceeding towards the terminal to board their flight with JetBlue and proceed further for the same.

JetBlue London Airport official Address 

It is also necessary for the passengers to know the official postal address of the airport for any possible assistance via physical mail. 

Heathrow International Airport,

Longford TW6, United Kingdom

Airport Code- LGW

The passengers can also contact JetBlue airlines from London airport by visiting the JetBlue office in London, the official address of which is also given here. 

London E16 2PX, United Kingdom

Ticket counter hours at the London Airport

The ticket counter will be open for the passengers a few hours before the flight's scheduled departure. It opens three hours before the departure and closes one hour before the scheduled departure. 


The passenger is not allowed to drop their unaccompanied minor if they are traveling with JetBlue from London Airport. They have to check the other arrangement for them. The travelers can connect with the customer service agent for help and assistance with that matter. 

Social Media Handles 

The passengers are allowed to comment about the complaint or issues they have at the airport and get the best help and assistance. The social media links are mentioned here for you as follows. 

Baggage Services

The passengers can also ask for baggage service at the airport by dialing +44 (0)20 8757 2700 and get the best help and get the best help possible also in case of lost baggage. 

Final Words 

It is easy to get all the help and assistance at the airport. All you have to do is dial the follow the best way out to resolve your query. For more details, visit the official website of the airport as well as the airlines. 

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