United Airlines Pet Policy: How to add a dog or cat to my reservation

When you planned a trip with your family and made your reservations with United Airlines, but your family also includes a pet, and if you are traveling with it, then you need to make sure of certain things. For example, you must know the pet traveling policy, the procedure to book their tickets, and how much you must pay. If you know all these, traveling with a pet at United Airlines will be easy. Everything will be discussed in this read so that many things can become easy for you.

The Pet Policy of United Airlines:

Various terms and conditions are included in the pet policy of United Airlines, and to travel with a pet, you must know them. Go through the below-mentioned guidelines and enlighten yourself about the same:

  • To travel with a pet, it is important that you book a pepper flight ticket for them separately and also inform the Airline before the flight.
  • Cats and dogs can travel with the passengers when it comes to the pet. Other animals are not allowed, or it depends on the pet also.
  • Pets must be under the age of four months, and their carriers should fit under your seat's space.
  • According to the United Airlines pet policy, the parts should be well healthwise and carry a fit to fly certificate from the doctors.
  • The carrier in which you will carry your pet will count as carry-on luggage, and you can carry only one pet in one carrier.
  • United Airlines has two kinds of carriers, one is Hard sided carrier, and the other one is a soft-sided carrier.
  • The maximum dimensions with which you can carry your hard-sided carrier are (44 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm)
  •  17.5 inch. long x 12 inch. wide x 7.5 inches high.
  • And the maximum dimensions for soft-sided carriers are (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm) 18 inch. long x 11 inches wide x 11 inches high .
  • Before you make a reservation for your pet, make sure that you inform the Airline beforehand.
  • When you are traveling with a pet, you cannot check-in at the curbside and have to get to the check-in help desk.
  • You need to carry all the required documents that are mandatory to travel with a pet, such as medical health and training certificates, immunization records, signed permission letters from the doctors, etc.
  • After the approval of all the documents and confirmation from the Airline, you can reserve the ticket for your pet and travel.

How much does United Airlines charge for pets?

While traveling with a pet at United Airlines, you should know that you can travel with only a cat or a dog on a flight. And with purchasing a ticket for them, you also have to pay the additional charges, which range from $125 to $200 depending on the age of the pet, location, and the class of the ticket.

Can I buy my pet a seat on a United?

Either you can add a pet to the United Airlines reservation while you are booking a flight yourself, or you can also get to the Manage booking and then book a flight for them. The reservation can also be made on the phone by dialing 1 (800) 864-8331 and providing all the details of your pet. Follow the below procedure to make a reservation for your pet:

  • Visit the official website of United Airlines.
  • Click "My Trips” and add your reservation number and last name to your flight booking.
  • Your flight details will open. Go to the Menu and select "add reservation" from the options.
  • Add your pet and fill out the details that were asked in the form.
  • Pay for all the additional services and the ticket for the pet.
  • You can download the ticket from the website, or it will also be sent to your registered email address.
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