How do I upgrade my seat on EVA Air?

If you want to travel comfortably, you can fly with EVA Air. It is a privately owned Airline company in Taiwan and flies to more than 60 destinations worldwide. EVA Air is a leading Airline company that provides high-quality customer service, beneficial flight schedules, and special assistance to senior citizens and the differently-abled. This airline allows passengers to fly comfortably with the EVA seat upgrade option. The seat upgrade option allows the passengers to upgrade their seats to upper class within 24 of departure. 

Seat upgrade policy of EVA Air-

Seat upgrade is subject to the availability of the seats in the class you wish to upgrade.

  • You can request a seat upgrade 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight by calling 1-802-500-7022/ 1-800-695-1188
  • You should have a booked ticket from the website to upgrade to a desired seat.
  • If you have booked an Economy class seat, you can upgrade to EVA Air Premium Economy or EVA Air upgrade to Business class.
  • If you have a Premium Economy class seat, you can upgrade it to Business class.
  • If you have booked a Business class ticket at EVA Air, you can upgrade it to First class.

EVA Air Seat upgrade cost-

  • If you upgrade Economy class tickets to Premium economy for a short haul, you must pay a $10 charge.
  • If you upgrade Economy class tickets to Premium Economy for the long haul, you will be charged $50
  • If you upgrade an EVA Air Premium economy to Business class, the EVA Air Business class upgrade cost is $10 for short-haul and $50 for long-haul routes.
  • If you wish to upgrade a premium economy ticket to Business class for a long haul, you must pay 160$ approximately.
  • If you upgrade an EVA Air Business class ticket to First class, you must pay the upgrade charges accordingly.

Ways to Upgrade Seat on EVA Air-

You can upgrade your seat at EVA Air in two ways: one is online, and the other way is by calling EVA Air.

ONLINE- The most convenient way to upgrade your EVA Air seat is Online. You can do it at your fingertips anywhere using smartphones and laptops. You can follow the methods below to help yourself. 

  • Open the official website of EVA Air: 
  • Reach the Manage Booking option given at the top of the website. Click it
  • To continue, you must fill in the booking details like Booking reference and passenger’s last name.
  • You can see the booking details now and select the flight you wish to upgrade.
  • After selecting, you can see the upgrade seat link; click it to select the desired seat and class and continue to pay.
  • You should pay the fare difference, and they will upgrade your seat.
  • You will get the confirmation by mail once it is upgraded.

Via CALL- Calling 1 (800) 695-1188/ 1-802-500-7022 is another way to seat upgrade to Premium Economy or Business class on EVA Air. You can directly convey your message and get your job done in a little time if you cannot do it online. You can call the EVA Air customer support executive at 1 (800) 695-1188 and ask them about seat upgrades; they will ask for your booking details, like the Booking reference and passenger’s last name to proceed with your seat upgrade. Pay the fare difference as told by the representative, and they will upgrade your seat. You will get the confirmation of the seat upgrade by mail.

The above-given ways can be helpful for you to learn about the seat upgrade process at EVA Air. EVA Air upgrading to premium economy class is possible as it consists of Premium Economy class, unlike other Airlines. You can upgrade your standard economy class ticket to the premium economy if you cannot upgrade to Business class.

Can I upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class on EVA Air?

The one thing that happens frequently is that the passengers have booked their flight ticket, but because of unavailability or other reasons, they have not chosen the class of their choice. In such a situation, you should know that the EVA Air seats Upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class can be done easily. However, for that, you need to be well informed about the seat upgrade policy of the Airline so that you do not face any issues while you are upgrading your flight ticket from premium economy to business class.

Information for EVA Air seat upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class:

There are some of the terms and conditions that are included in the upgrade policy of EVA Air, and all of them are listed below:

  • If you are an active member of the Frequent Flyer Program of EVA Air called Infinity MileageLands. Then, you will be free from the seat upgrade charges but will be entitled to the fare difference.
  • If you want to save yourself from paying the seat upgrade charges, then make sure that you upgrade it within 24 hours of booking the tickets.
  • If, when booking the tickets, you have chosen an auto upgrade option, then your flight ticket will upgrade automatically if there is availability.
  • If you want to upgrade the ticket to premium economy, then its cost ranges from $40 to $90 per person. If the upgrade is to Business class, you must pay $300 to $900.
  • Even after check-in, the last-minute upgrade can also be done with EVA Air, but you have to pay the higher upgrade charges and the fare difference.
  • You can even upgrade your flight ticket while you are on the flight and ready to take off, subject to availability.
  • If you have collected some travel vouchers from your previous journeys, then you can use them to upgrade your flight ticket.
  • The charges and fare difference of the upgraded tickets will also depend on the location, class, and time of upgrade.
  • With the upgraded ticket, you will get upgraded facilities on the flight, such as a comfortable seat with extra space, better entertainment, delicious food items, lounges with great facilities, priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, etc.

The above information will help you upgrade your EVA Air flight ticket and inform you about the policy. If you face any issues, then you can navigate to the official webpage of the Airline and get help from the contact page.

How do I upgrade my EVA Air Economy to Premium Economy?

When you have reservations in Economy with EVA Air and want to upgrade to Premium Economy, dial 1 (800) 695-1188/ 1-802-500-7022; you must go through their flight upgrade policy. With that, you also need to be well-informed about the procedures. However, you can contact the customer service of EVA Air and get all the required information from them. 

Call EVA Air 1 (800) 695-1188/ 1-802-500-7022. To upgrade the flight ticket from Economy to Premium Economy, ensure you know the procedure you must follow. The following steps will help you in EVA Air upgrade to Premium Economy, so follow them carefully:

  • Visit the official website of EVA Air or dial 1 (800) 695-1188 / 1-802-500-7022.
  • Select Manage from the top and then Manage Your Trip.
  • Scroll down and select flight upgrade from the options appearing on your screen.
  • Then, add your membership number with the password to open the account.
  • Follow the instructions, select Premium Economy as your upgraded class, and pay the charges.
  • The ticket will be confirmed and sent to you via email.

Conclusion: Go through the given information carefully and upgrade your flight ticket. The charges for a premium economy upgrade range from $10 to $60, depending on the route. For more queries, navigate to the official webpage of EVA Air.

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